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Dark Side of the Moon


7 September
External Services:
  • cimeara@dragonbear.com
  • cimeara@livejournal.com
  • KathrynCalledKat
"Kathryn_aka_Kat" is an RPG character. She's skilled in diplomacy, information-gathering, and misdirection. She also writes poetry.

"Cimeara" is an avatar. She collects art, especially commissioned portraits of RPG characters. Sometimes she tries for art herself, currently through sketches or photography. Her general work is on deviantArt.

"Caryl de Trecesson" is a persona. Her Laurel scroll claims she's known for her cordials, cooking, needlework, costumes, and jewelry. Her Maunche scroll said she did good at calligraphy and illumination. Her interests vary.

In real life? Carol Hanson is a programmer for a non-profit healthcare organization, and also does art. The best of her work is at: http://www.chansonarts.com