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Something Lighter : Nine Inch Nails

The music section of a recent issue of the New Yorker (I suspect Sept. 14th) talked about the Nine Inch Nails "Wave Goodbye" small club performances and gave some background on the... well, it's hard to say "group" since Trent Reznor is the overwhelming presence.   This reviewer, like most, pushed the loud industrial dissonance aspect of the music, but it would have been nice if there'd been even a passing mention of the surprisingly lyrical pieces that do exist and are considered a serious part of the canon, not just throwaway "something different".  Now I like even the dissonant stuff (the more you hear, the more you realize how cyclical it is, how the newest lyrics reference the oldest ones and no, please, not because Reznor can't think of anything new to say).   But I started to put together my own version of a somewhat lighter and more tonal list with which to woo those who think they'd never like NIN.  When I did, I found the oddest thing: the track numbers lined up with only a single duplicate.  It's not perfect, there's a few instrumental pieces I'd switch around if it were an actual album, and some of the pieces aren't totally dissonance-free, but they have a musicality to them that a non-industrial fan should still appreciate.  Soooo... here's my take on it:

01 - I Ghosts 1 (Ghosts I-IV, 2008)
02 - Piggy (The Downward Spiral, 1994)
03 - The Frail (The Fragile, disk 1, 1999)
04 - The Good Soldier (Year Zero, 2007)
05 - Something I Can Never Have (Pretty Hate Machine, 1989)
alternate 05 - Echoplex (The Slip, 2008)
06 - The Fragile (The Fragile, disk 1, 1999)
07 - Lights in the Sky (The Slip, 2008)
08 - I'm Looking Forward to Joining You Finally (The Fragile, disk 2, 1999)
09 - The Four of Us Are Dying (The Slip, 2008)
10 - A Warm Place (The Downward Spiral, 1994)
11 - La Mer (The Fragile, disk 2, 1999)
12 - The Great Below (The Fragile, disk 1, 1999)
13 - Right Where It Belongs (With Teeth, 2005)
14 - Hurt (The Downward Spiral, 1994)

What would you add? what would you change?

Oh, and re: the coinage fuss:
I like research. I like full documentation. I like details and disclosure and history and all possibilities available for discussion.  It's turning into a big piece and will need to be split into parts, but I need to get everything together first.