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For Sale

A slightly better (I think) attempt at a villanelle.

The building used to be a candy store;
It’s locked up now. The sign’s gone mostly gray.
In autumn, leaves pile up against the door.

It started small. The owner wanted more.
Business was good, seemed better every day,
The building that had been a candy store.

He added fancy lights, carpeted floor,
It even had a place for kids to play;
Not just in leaves piled up against the door.

The candy stayed as good, he had that core,
But added frills brought added bills to pay;
The building that was once a candy store.

Large families became fewer, or else poor.
With demographics changed, he couldn’t stay.
Now autumn winds pile leaves against the door.

He may be selling candy, as before,
But someplace else, in some town far away.
This building used to be a candy store.
In autumn, leaves pile up against the door.