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More Words

These were from dreda, and thank you for them:

Delight : There's that "light" in it, right?  So it's a sort of sparkly (nothing to do with vampires!) happiness,  effervescent bubbles of little oohs of joy catching sunlight.   Not really made for lasting, but sometimes it does, and often it's enough to note the source.  More sparkles may come from it.

Voice : "Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pronounc'd it to you, trippingly on the tongue."   The instrument for the spoken word (and the metaphor for the written) to distinguish you from another, you from other versions of yourself,  in tone and timbre and inflection and all the other choices at your disposal.

Path : A small and narrow way to go, well-trodden enough to exist, but not enough to be a road.  Often they don't lead where you expect them to.  Sometimes they seem to lead nowhere, just fade away at the end, and you wonder how and why they were made in the first place and was it that everyone split off in different directions at that point?   Making your own path, of course, is always an option.

Dance :  Movement to music?  Movement, certainly, and usually to a pattern and rhythm.   One person can dance, or many, and so can stars and fireflies and the spirit inside you even if you're holding the outside perfectly still.   I don't think it's possible to be completely depressed, and dancing, at the same time.  More people should dance. 

Lambent :  Okay, I'll admit it, I looked this one up because I didn't trust myself.  I thought something like "softly glowing" and that's one of the meanings, but the other is "lightly flickering over the surface".   Since they use moonlight on water as the example, they cover both.  I shall remember bouncy (or wobbly) little "lambs" and that will keep me from thinking of it as too steady a light. 

If anyone still wants to play, ask for your five words.
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