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It's all relative

My mother was in the hospital again.  The most noticeable symptom was shortness of breath, but that's from heart and lung congestion, too much fluid buildup, and her kidneys are having trouble handling the diuretics.  It was a short term stay, just to get her stabilized again, and she's back home, but when we say "at least it's not serious" we only mean it's no more serious than the general breakdown of systems due to age, which is serious enough.

My daughter got the wireless to work, go her!  I'd bought the thing back the end of last fall, and tried the given steps without success and then gone through several hours of changing settings under the direction of the DSL support people, to no success (since the apparent problem was in their connection to it), and then given up till I got the energy to talk to the wireless support, to look at it from the other end.  I did change the settings back to what seemed appropriate rather than leaving them at what the DSL person said might work (since it hadn't).   With my husband home, I'd also suggested that -he- call the wireless support people, and of course that didn't happen.  Finally my daughter, home from college and wanting more chance at the internet than a shared computer, asked me to tell her what was wrong and she'd call.   So we went through all the same steps but this time got further that I remembered.   Still no internet, though.   And so I went off to work the next day and she looked through the documentation and fiddled with one thing more... and it worked!   For everyone except the house guest's laptop.  So my daughter called up the support line and they helped her get that laptop connected, too.   My daughter is awesome.