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The test disks of herb/spice-infused polymer clay have been turned into actual pendants, but also more in the line of testing than any expectation of selling them. Let me know what you think, please?

(1) Sage disk with nutmeg & cinnamon snake, black leather cord with cinnamon beads.
(2) Salt disk with salt flowers & sage leaves, white leather cord with salt beads.

(3) Thyme disk with sage triskelion, black braided cord with sage beads (the one above the disk does slide down to meet it).
(4) Black pepper disk with cinnamon "fossil", dark brown leather cord with cinnamon beads.

(5) Rosemary disk with curry spiral, salt flower, sage leaves, black braided cord with nutmeg beads.
(6) Curry disk with salt triangles, light brown leather cord with nutmeg beads. My "pizza" pendant, though it wasn't meant to look quite so much like melted cheese. :-) The background disk is textured by pocking it with small holes, so the real effect is melted cheese on a dried lemon/orange peel. If, uh, you like that sort of thing.

If anyone does like these, give me a post and I'll see how to get them to you. Note: this offer doesn't just apply to those on my f-list.  Anyone's interest is welcome, as long as you give me a critique, too!
Tags: art

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