Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Small Steps

Last night I played with inclusions in translucent polymer clay, specifically some herbs and spices, and with some forms of texturing. A picture would be worth more than descriptive words, and I'll try to get one tonight to post. But now I need more clay to go with the bones.

I also stripped the top layer of paper off a piece of corrugated cardboard so I could use the corrugations to line up rows of beads to string for Sedna's watery downfall.

The previous night, I printed out a page of reference images of Noh masks, of newborn babies' faces.

I talk about the projects more than I work on them. I write up more ideas than get done. But if I kept them in my head, then they might never come out? And if enough other people know of them, then I feel more obligation to make them real. The encouragement from others helps, of course it does, but the embarrassment if I don't follow through makes for even stronger motivation.

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