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I am a suckerfish, drawing off inspiration from others who move with more strength of purpose. I still haven't finished the Sedra from yuki_onna's poems, and now I have two more pieces I need to make from jenwrites's short stories. I'll share the ideas with you, in case they never get made. The first is a sort of Tragedy-Comedy set of masks based off "Brushstrokes", with one being the Painted and the other being the Adorned. The second is a woman's torso, hip cocked, at ease, in white or dark plaster. Dark, I think, just because the contrast will be greater. Below the navel is a large circular cut-out, and inside that is hung, rotates on a string, a two-sided Japanese mask, one side a demon and other side a maiden. And that one is entitled "Big Sister/Little Sister" but connotations should exist for anyone, regardless of whether or not they've read the stories. (If you haven't, you should consider it. They are really wonderful stories. The collection is "Unwelcome Bodies" by Jennifer Pelland and the link is on jenwrites's journal page.)

(Oh, and I continue to post open life studio drawings and a few new photographs at my deviantArt account.)