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Shopping Fu

I buy too much.

I'd like to try a tablet for drawing. Maybe not for finished drawings, but someone's pointed out how very useful they are for preliminary sketches and for testing figure orientation, placement of design elements, and colour combinations. I miseed out on the very good sale of the small-sized Wacom Bamboo Fun tablets, but they're still relatively cheap. Of course, there's nothing simple that I can't make more complicated:

1) Check for cheapest online price: about $50 for tablet & pen alone, about $80 including mouse & software, plus shipping
2) Check Amazon because I get free shipping there: about $60 for tablet & pen, about $90 with mouse & software
3) Check credit card points because I remember I have lots from consolidating other balances: about 11000 points for tablet & pen, about 14500 points (on sale from 16500!) with mouse & software
4) Check other options for using points: no Amazon gift card, but they do have a $100 Staples gift card for 10000 points
5) Check Staples online: tablet with pen & mouse & software is $99.99 and includes free shipping
6) Order gift card, which saves 4500 points over ordering tablet directly

I still buy too much, even if it's not direct money. But I do my best to buy smart.