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The perfume that I was given on Sunday was made by L'Occitane en Provence.   My husband, who's an editor and scholar and picky about word use, told me that he'd been very good and not pointed out the odd construction to the clerk, that "l'Occitane" might mean "the woman of Occitania" but that Provence was in Occitania, not the other way around.   Meanwhile I'd been noticing that there was Braille labelling along one side of the box, and my son took the box, ran his finger along the raised dots and said, "hey, but they got in right in Braille."    Quick-witted kid. :-)

I've gotten a Dreamwidth account.  True to my usual pattern of rarely using the same name twice, on it I'm "chanson".   (I'm Kat here, Cimeara on deviantArt, ChansonArts on Blogger & g-mail, carolhanson on Twitter, etc., etc.)   So far I have no intentions of doing anything more with it than possible cross-posting, so there's no need to follow it, but let me know if you'd like an invite code. 


Tags: family

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