Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Come As You Are

I should be wearing silver,
A shiny metallic raincoat would do,
With a black hood (from a hoodie underneath?),
And a bright yellow label stuck on my forehead that reads,
I should be wearing a conical orange skirt
Of some sort of stiff and sturdy fabric,
With an orange and white horizontally striped halter top,
And a novelty store headband,
I’m sure I could find one on-line,
That has a round flashing light stuck on top.
I should be wearing a straightjacket,
There's a costume store nearby that ought to have them,
With a bunch of padlocks (some obviously broken),
And one of them should dangle an oversized manila shipping tag
That says, “If Found, Please Return To:
[Insert Name of Local Asylum Here].”
But, I’m not. Too bad for others. 
Tags: writing

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