Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Weekend Recipes I: Clouds & Ashes

nineweaving  has a book coming out very soon and the title is "Clouds & Ashes." She's talked about having a book party, and parties need food, and I started looking for recipes that might go along with the theme. Meringues, obviously, but the weather's been iffy so I tried a couple of not-straight-meringue recipes first. (There's time, the party won't be till July.) The first was a Fudge Meringue Cake recipe from "Joy of Cooking" and I made it in cupcake form, un-iced. Very light, very yummy, but not very impressive. I'd added coconut to it because I'm also starting to think of lightning (coconut dyed yellow?) but that sort of disappeared in the batter. The second try was a very simple Cloud Cookie based on whipped topping and cake mix. I used a dark fudge cake mix, no coconut this time. The cookie spread a LOT so you can only bake about 10 per pan, which isn't very time efficient. There's also a very slim margin of time between moist, chewy cookies and crisp (or even slightly burnt) ones. I like the landscape effect though, and the cookies are fairly tasty, so I might play with this more. But I'll try this other Chocolate Cloud Dookie recipe first since it looks to be a much better cookie.

For lightning effects, this is what I've come up with so far:
dyed coconut
candied lemon and/or orange peel
fresh lemon and/or orange zest
crystalized ginger
edible gold glitter flakes
thin-sliced dried apricot

Any other ideas?

Next weekend, hopefully better weather, and meringues!
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