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Wardrobe Malfunction?

Yesterday I went to Kohls because (1) they were having a great sale, including the one sort of bra I've finally found that fits comfortably, and (2) I had a coupon for an extra 30% off everything.   I bought the bras, and browsed through their clearance merchandise and ended up getting a pair of pin-striped dark pants and a strange little jacket.  

I'm totally unsure about the jacket.  It's one of the short ones that are probably already out of style (I don't pay enough attention to that, but still care... somewhat).  It's black, in a smooth, heayv fabric that almost looks like leather, it has a loose but not too loose fit, it has three-quarter length sleeves, a rounded collar and rounded yoke with a few slight gathers, two large jet buttons near the top, and a topstitched detail line around the bottom that hides two small pockets.  I think it was the pockets that got me.   I can see wearing it with a simple top and dress pants.  Overall it's not flashy, it's rather restrained, but it's obviously meant to be "stylish" and in it, I either look cool and upscale, or a clueless dork about what suits me.  I need a girlfriend of the movie/TV sort, who'll look at It and say "Go you! You should push for more like that!" or roll her eyes with, "You have GOT to be kidding me?!"  Or Tim Gunn. 

On the other hand, it was only $6.40, and that was before the 30% off, so if I wear it even once before deciding it was an idiotic choice, then so what, right?  (Yeah, that it was that much reduced is also feeding my uncertainty. Oh well.) 


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Apr. 8th, 2009 05:35 pm (UTC)
You should post a photo of the jacket. It sounds nice to me. I think there's a pretty wide range when it comes to what's in style for jackets--seems like the only look that's really out now is huge shoulder pads. Lately I'm seeing some very loose-fitting ones, "swing" jackets I guess they're called, much wider at the bottom. I plan to keep wearing the same ones I've been wearing--fitted, mid-length, and shaped at the waist. I also have a short, shaped black one that I wear pretty often. I think with black you have more leeway in terms of the style.
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