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"Lilies are not as white, nor roses red"

This line is in one of my sonnets.  Someone has said it's a direct lift from Shakespeare and I apologized and said I'd change it.   But I wanted to find the source first... and I can't.  

Granted, it sounds very familiar.  It's trite, it's overdone, it's hackneyed, it's a cliche, etc.   But is it Shakespeare?  I've tried three different sites that offer searches on Shakespeare's texts.  I've looked for "lilies" near "roses" (where "near" is within 50 words), "roses" near "lilies", "roses", "lilies", "rose", "lily", and "are not" near "nor."    Can't find anything that matches at all closely to both sense and format.   Maybe it's someone other than Shakespeare?  Maybe the searches aren't working?

If anyone can tell me where something like this exists, I'd appreciate it very much, because it's driving me crazy, because the phrase DOES sound so close to something else.