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Twa Corbies Tavern

We had an SCA event yesterday.  It was fun.  Many people came. Many of those said they liked it.   (No one said they didn't, but I'm allowing that some that didn't talk to me might have felt so.)

We lost money.  It wasn't an enormous amount of money, but the event wasn't intended to lose money and so I'm sorry it did, but I'm not going to get all angsty because the Barony will still be solvent and I've run events in the past that made more money than this one lost, and overall, in the autocrating books, I'm still in the black.   But we'll definitely include a "lessons learned" section in the event report.

Many people helped to make it the enjoyable event it was.   I'll be sending out more specific thanks on the various lists, but I'm amazed and appreciative at the amount of help, both from those who volunteered beforehand and at the event.   Thank you! ^_^
My brain is still fried.