Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Black-skinned Drow are Evil; Brown-skinned Drow are Not Drow

Over at haikujaguar's journal there was a discussion of the ridiculous reworking of the Faerun drow by Wizards of the Coast (hereafter known as "WotC") in 4th edition (hereafter known as "4e") Dungeons and Dragons (do I have to say it'll be called "D&D"? or maybe "DnD"), on which I commented. And a very nice summary of the actual changes was in eric_hinkle's journal, at this post, on which I also commented. And then someone has gotten into a discussion with me about how 4e DnD is really not that bad and WotC made some good changes that are really all about making it "fun to play." Right.

Then I came home this evening and my son showed me this.

I am mightily amused.

(P.S. For those that didn't know, I once worked as a part-time moderator at WotC's online RPG chat room.)
Tags: rpgs

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