Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Weekend Culinary Wrapup

Saturday's grocery shopping resulted in a large number of summer veggies "reduced for quick sale."  So, first a batch of sausage-honey kugel to go out to a friend, then three batches of slow-oven-roasted tomatoes.  With tomatoes in the oven, I cooked pieces of pork in a pot on the stove in water with some hickory smoke flavoring and some ground cloves and garlic till the pork was able to be shredded, then added barbecue sauce for a quick version of pulled pork bbq.  Then I made another batch of sausage-honey kugel for dinner at home, and after dinner, sliced onions and pickling cucumbers to salt and let sit overnight.  The cucumbers & onions were for "olive oil pickles" to give another use for the olive oil that was being wasted on the lime pickles that hadn't really pickled.

Sunday morning, I finished making the olive oil pickles and put them in the fridge till I can clean jars for the freezer, then went off to the life drawing studio.   After that, roasted three pans of vegetables, one each of summer squash, zucchini & eggplant, and mixed sweet peppers (green, yellow, orange, red).   Then I browned some onions in olive oil, added chunks of raw chicken sliced from an oven-stuffer roaster, stirred till cooked, added some chopped raw tomatoes and most of the roasted veggies and some of the previous day's tomatoes, and let that simmer while I made toasted garlic bread with mozzarella.    And that was dinner for Sunday.

While we were eating, I cooked the rest of the chicken and will save the meat from that.  The rest of the roasted veggies and the tomatoes from Saturday will be combined for lunch for me during the week, and C. and D. can eat bbq or leftover kugel or leftover chicken stew.

And that was the weekend.
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