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Why can't what's in my head just exist?

I have an idea for an art piece. I have all the skills required for this one, but it's a complicated, 3-dimensional, multimedia sort of piece and it's taking a long time to pull together.

(1) Sketches: Of what I want. Of what it's based on. On similar pieces from the same culture. Done.

(2) Materials:
(2a) Something to use for the framework: I found white curly willow branches.
(2b) Something to use for the mask: I found lightweight polymer clay.
(2c) Something to attach mask to framework: I found leather strips.
(2d) Something to decorate the mask: I found a polymer transfer medium. And acrylic paints. And went through back issues of National Geographic to find appropriate pictures for transfer.
(2e) Bones: I found some very appropriate bone beads and pendants.
(2f) Other beads: I sorted out appropriate beads from what I had. I strung them together to see if they really were appropriate, and long enough. Today I bought more to fill in what was missing.
(2g) Something to attach the beads in the right orientation: Still not sure of this, but I have ideas.

(3) Construction:
(3a) Frame: Today I soaked the branches and curved them, tying them around the inside of springform pan rims so (I hope) they'll keep the curve as they dry. I'll probably need to adjust the curve afterwards, but that's okay. And I still have to attach the bottom pieces together.
(3b) Make the mask
(3c) Decorate the mask
(3d) Attach the mask
(3e) String the bones and beads.
(3f) Attach the bead strings.

So, still a ways to go. But it (might be / could be / will be) awesome.