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Not Good

Someone is sending spam, and phishing spam at that, under other people's names as comments on deviantArt.  The "CLICK HERE" sends you to another site that then displays what looks like the dA login page again: http://deviantart.loginspage.com/users/  
(but note the URL is NOT for deviantart.com)

Confusing, in that why would anyone care about collecting dA logins?  But I don't want to delete the comment as "spam" in case that puts a bad mark against the real user.

Other indications of my day: I just sliced a nice inch-long bleeding gash in my thumb from... wait for it... the foil on the edge of a yogurt cup that I was rinsing out for the recycle bin.   Yes, must be careful in the future around such dangerously sharp objects. :-P

Some days it isn't worth chewing through the restraints.