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Some People

We (my husband and I) have a website where we've mostly posted SCA-related articles and recipes and projects and such. But back when we first got a dog, I did a great deal of research (because I do that sort of thing) on home-baked recipes for dog treats. And I'd noticed that a lot of rhe recipes were simply variants of another. So, I compiled an ur-recipe collection of non-variant recipes that also referenced each of the variations, and because information is meant to be shared, I posted the collection on the website, too. It got a lot of traffic, and still does, but it hasn't been updated since 2001 (which is clearly marked on the page).

Today I got an e-mail from someone asking me what she should do with a box of regular commercial-brand dog treats that she hasn't opened but which she's noticed contain peanut butter, and should she take them back to the store or what, please tell her?

Like, I should know. O_o

(I suggested she look at the manufacturer's website to see if they've been recalled, and if so, what the procedure would be, and if not, she could still ask the store if they could be exchanged anyway. But even if not, if she wanted to be perfectly safe she should throw them out. Which wasn't really my place to tell her, but the dog shouldn't suffer just because the owner is completely lacking in common sense.)