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The 12 Days of Happy - 6th

Sometimes it's very difficult to find the happy.  But that my son quietly and with compassion talked with me till I'd calmed down and was able to come back inside, was a very good reason.   He's a good kid.  And afterwards, my husband said that it was not all my fault, that she should have known the provocation.  (My sister had just told us how much she loved, no, worse, admired Sarah Palin, "the only one of the four running who was worth anything" with similar lines that I better not try to remember.  There are reasons I find it stressful to visit my relatives.)
May you find understanding and support even under stress.



Dec. 31st, 2008 04:34 am (UTC)
My immediate family is indeed very cool. I love them greatly. The others, I love, too, but... ah, well. Some times it goes better than at others.