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2008 LJ Summary

Because someone noted that their subjects were more indicative of the year than their first lines for the first post from each month, I've included both. 

January 15th: "Three Winter Mornings" (bad haiku)
Trees of white-gold fire

February 1st: "Reaction" (not-as-bad poem)
Oh I know what’s wanted.

March 4th: "True Colors" (sea-green)
I'm a sucker for any meme with colors...

April 3rd: "Radio Song" (better poem)
Listening to the car radio this morning, and this started coming together...

May 1st: "SE Asian Chicken" (quick recipe)
Things have been rough.

June 2nd: "Self-Perception" (quick poem)
A quickie...

July 3rd: "OMG Romance-Novel Science!" (snarfed)
This is NSFW... but only because you've got to be VERY strong-willed to keep your laughter under control!

August 4th: "Unless I change my mind" (I didn't, but it did)
I have a theme for this year's NaNoWriMo.

September 2nd: "Weekend Reprise" (never as much time)
The plans: what got done

October 1st: "Card Tricks" (readings)
It's the first of the month, a good time for contemplation of what lies ahead.

November 1st: "Pyromania" (with pumpkin pics)
While visiting the MFA for art class, I browsed through the museum store and picked up the booklet "Extreme Pumpkins" by Tom Nardone (hey, it's art!) as a gift for my son.

December 1st: "December Reading" (cards again)
My cards for the upcoming month were: [Love, Air, The Knight]

And that was 2008.  More about writing and less about cooking than I would have thought, and not nearly enough about art.   Since I'm intending to keep the monthly card readings going, the same sort of listing for 2009 should be even less useful in summarizing what my journal is all about.