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The 12 Days of Happy - 3rd

On the third day of Christmas, I was happy watching a movie for the first time and some anime episodes for the second time.  The movie was "Bride and Prejudice", a very fun Bollywood treatment of Austen that's even in English (mostly), and by the director of "Bend It Like Beckham".  All four of us watched and that was fun, too.  The anime episodes were the first four episodes of "Monster", a marvelous psychological thriller of a series that I finally got my daughter to watch with me (she's been reconnecting with friends after her first term at college, and her time at home is limited).   She loved them.   And it makes me very happy to  pass along something that someone has told me about because they loved it, and they think I'll love it too, and I do, and then I can find someone else to pass it to who'll also love it, to continue the chain.   

May you always find at least a few friends and loved ones to join you in appreciation of whatever you like most (and if you can find some who like all of the same things, then you're truly blessed!).