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Fool Me Once, Etc.

We have a membership at Barnes & Noble and today they've sent yet another email coupon with a promise of delivery by Christmas.  Ha.  I keep wanting to trust them as much as Amazon (I don't like complete monopolies) but I tried using one of last week's offers.   There were 2 items I wanted by Christmas and both were "usually ships within 24 hours" and both qualified for "Fast & Free Delivery" and I ordered both last Wednesday.   The confirmation said thank you.  Two days later, on Friday, I got an email that said sorry, there's a delay, the first item won't ship right away, but will ship within1-5 business days.   And then a third email that said, sorry, there's a delay, the second item won't ship right away, but will ship within 1-5 business days.  I went to check the order on-line.   Estimated shipping date for each: December 25th.   Fail.  I canceled the orders and ordered from Amazon on that same Friday. The confirmation said thank you.  The next email, on that same Friday, said the items had shipped.