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Alright, I declare round one of holiday baking to be over (especially since some is going out in the mail tomorrow... I mean, today ~_~).  Like an idiot, I don't repeat tested recipes but always try new ones, and the results vary accordingly.

"Fruitcake Squares" ->  turned out to be shortbread with candied fruit so not bad but not as interesting as hoped
"Sugarplums" -> different recipe from last year with more complex flavor but, sheesh, messy
"Peppermint Bark" ->  what's not to like? chocolate with crushed candy canes
"Easy Fudge, CI version" -> *sigh* I rushed the melting, the chocolate separated somewhat and I have little dabs of cocoa butter spoiling the fudge; still tastes good, but, meh... and I'd even made three types!
"Blue Cheese Walnut Coins" ->  they aren't "coins" at all, so I've called them "biscuits" on my labels; they're easy and good but not if you pick one up and bite into it thinking it's some sort of sweet cookie (as my son did, ha!)
"Chai Truffles" -> my own version compiled and adjusted from other recipes and pretty damn good
"(Un)Forgiveness Cake" ->  okay, this one was tested, and the recipe is even here in my LJ  :-)
These were over the past week, of course, not just today... that is, yesterday. ~_~