Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Rubber Duckie, You're Not the One

Art class homework was to make a small work in pastels.  I wanted to work on color shading, so picked some simple shapes with good colors: a yellow rubber duckie and blue towel on the rim of the cream-colored tub.  As I worked on it, I found myself thinking "This is really cute, my mom would like this, I might give it to her for Christmas."

And then I found myself thinking "Dear gods, please, please PLEASE make my kids never view me as the sort of mother you give things to just because they're 'cute'!"   No pictures of rubber duckies, no happy singing flowers, no pink-nosed flopeared bunnies, no big-eyed puppy dogs (well, unless Keeshonden, and that's only a maybe).   You can't get past this when they're little, because there's too much push from schools and other conventional sources to give Mom something "nice".  But they should know me better now. :-)
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