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Commuting Vignettes

 Commuting Vignettes
“Trucks prohibited from left two lanes.”
I see the sign and I slow down,
Giving you room,
Watching for the blinkers
That say you’re switching lanes.
You don’t.
And I’m behind you,
Still behind you,
Stuck behind you,
For five,
For ten,
For fifteen miles more,
Until you finally move.
Just when I need to exit.
“751XR5”, I hate you.
You cut in front of me,
Without signaling,
As we went through a work area
With solid white lines.
Does no one else know what they mean?
And now you’re slowing down
Even though
The lane ahead of you is clearing up.
Let me guess.
You hate me too.
Heavy traffic,
No room to maneuver,
But at least it’s moving.
Life could be worse.
The rearview mirror shows
The guy behind me
Is so very close
That I cannot see his bumper,
That I cannot see his headlights,
That I can almost read his lips
As he chatters on his cell phone.
There are laws of physics.
I cannot go faster
Than the car ahead of me.
I cannot pull over
If another car is already there.
Two solid objects
Cannot occupy
The same space
At the same time.
Red tail lights flash ahead.
I almost wish
For a collision,
So that I can introduce
The laws of physics
To his face.