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Downer Sort of Dream

It's not exactly a meme, but I've seen two LJ posts today that recounted the person's dream from last night, and oddly enough I still remember most of mine (was there some strange conjunction of stars and planets?).

I was at a house party that went overnight. It was in a very large, comfortably-shabby Victorian mansion with a warren of rooms and hallways and small side areas (for those that know, think The Buttery but twice as big). Most of the people I didn't know, and those that I knew were only casual friends. I couldn't find a place to crash and kept wandering through the rooms, past people wrapped up in blankets who were lying on the floor or on sofas or on portable cots. I think I sat on the floor once and just leaned against the wall and caught a few minutes of sleep that way. Not everyone was asleep, and every now and then someone would find/bring out a box of "favors" and everyone around would ooh and ahh and grab some. One box had plastic squishy liquid-filled packets, about 8" long by 2" wide, opaque plastic decorated with large bright kanji characters, that could snap together. Another box had an artist's version of doll clothes, for display only, made of stiffened felt or other fabrics, with elaborate embellishments and a folkloric fantasy feeling. In both cases, I was right there when the box was discovered/opened, but I didn't want to be pushy and I couldn't decide which I wanted or if I wanted any at all, and by the time I knew which, they'd been taken by others and the only things left were what I was sure i didn't want. Later I found a bag that had some of what I'd wanted, but I realized it belonged to someone who'd misplaced it and I found her and gave it back. As things broke up in the morning and all of us were leaving,, even those I didn't know all said how nice I was and how great it was to meet me and and we all agreed it had been a wonderful party. And I did think it was fun... but I still felt tired, and lost, and empty.