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I took off work yesterday to go to the doctors about the leg.  Best guess at this point is some nerve compression that should get better on its own if I do more stretching and less sitting, and meanwhile pain meds and ice packs. 

I did make it through art class Tuesday night, which worked, though it felt very silly to be using a cane to push myself up onto the stool.   We're using conte crayons now.   They don't smear as easily as charcoal ( even when you want them to smear) but do smear enough to be bothersome at times, and they don't erase very easily at all, so you have to be more careful of your marks.  I discovered one way of controlling the smear: by rubbing the crayon on a piece of rag and then smearing -that- on the paper.  We learned some things about landscape drawing by sketching drifts of crumpled brown paper, which is about the best you can do inside a studio at an evening class.   I even found cliffs to sketch by copying the ragged end of one rather than the midsection. 
Meanwhile, also making notes for NaNoWriMo.

And some tokens came, via eBay, for use at the tavern event.  They are marvelously well suited. :-)


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Oct. 30th, 2008 10:20 pm (UTC)
I remember drawing a crumpled paper bag in a high school art class. The teacher didn't give any instruction or reason for the assignment, so most of us didn't really understand it. It was homework, and I sat at the kitchen table for hours and went through about 10 bags tying to crumple them in a way that looked drawable. I had a terrible time drawing it. It would have made more sense if we'd been told that the point was to learn how to draw landscapes, or simply to understand light and shadow.

I hope your knee feels better soon. At least you know now that it's likely to heal on its own.
Oct. 31st, 2008 04:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the good wishes. Yes, it will heal but it's tiresome meanwhile. :-P

This teacher is good. We'd started out with still lifes of even geometric shapes, then switched to copying master drawings, and now this was about irregular shapes, which is expected in landscape. We did bags last week, and the large brown paper pieces this week. For both, we learned "contour drawing" which is to look at the shape, use one hand to trace the lines and surfaces while the other hand makes corresponding marks on the paper. Also, to draw one section large and up close, and pick another section or bag to draw small and far away, to force persepective. So, yes, much better explanations than you were stuck with!
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