Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Friday Meme

Stolen from [info]gyzki :

A perennial: iPod/mp3 on shuffle, first lines of the first twenty songs (skipping instrumental pieces, and ones in languages I/you don't understand). 

Try to answer without Googling!  And if you can't figure out #18....  *rolls eyes*

1)  Enough! limbs yielding, revealing, attributions sublime
2) There is a storm coming
3) I thought I saw a man brought to life
4) Stitch in your knitted brow
5) Talking to myself all the way to the station
6) Whenever I'm alone with you
7) I once met a girl with the life in her hands
8) Will the angels sing tonight
9) You consider me the young apprentice
10) Just a reflection
11) Crying loud you are crawling on the floor
12) Good morning, gentlemen. Why the uneasy frowns?
13) She shines in a world full of ugliness
14) Well this stone that I have swallowed
15) I never could figure out why there has to be a reason to rhyme
16) Hey, hey, just one more and I'll walk away
17) You think you're in love like it's a real sure thing
18) Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony this life
19) Hopelessly drift in the eyes of the ghost again
20) It's wonderful, everywhere, so white
Tags: meme, music

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