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Art Class Update

We didn't have class on Tuesday evening because the teacher was out sick. Someone had put of folder of handouts for the next assignment on the door with printed instructions to take a set. Someone had also written "2 pages". I corrected it to "3 pages." I don't know how many people had walked off with only two. *sigh*

The next assigment is, wow, real college work. We have to visit a formal art museum (we're supposed to save the ticket or receipt), look at the works, find a drawing that uses the materials covered in this class (no painting), take a photo or find a postcard or print of it, recreate it ourselves as closely as possible (same size, strokes, medium, etc.), look up the artist, write a report about him/her and a review of the work, and prepare a short presentation for the class. We have 2 weeks.

Last class we finished up the "shapes and shading" project. We were supposed to discuss and critique the homework assignments this week, so I suppose we'll do that next week. In case anyone's interested...

In-class project:

Homework in progress:

Finished homework:

I'm pretty happy about the finished version, but charcoal is a pain! I do like the way you have practically infinite control over the shading, but it comes off so easily that it's hard to keep the shading when you're working hearby, and gods help you if you let your hand or a rag brush the surface accidentally. I do have "workable fixative" but, I don't know, maybe I put on too much. It's not very "workable." You can erase afterward, but there's still a shadow, and even a distinct line if the part you're trying to clear includes both shaded and unshaded paper. Teacher: "Now let's add some more forms." Riiiiiight. But I'm having fun. :-)
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