Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Prodigal Garden

I get e-mails from certain companies all the time, and I usually delete without reading. Turns out Park Seed is having a poetry contest ("Ode to My Garden") that ends today. So, just for the helluvit (and, yeah, it's full of very conventional imagery but consider the audience?):

Prodigal Garden

My garden's a messy one.
I never staked the tomatoes
And they sprawl, yellow and red, through
The lemon balm and tarragon
As if trying to create their own recipes.
I'd say the roses blush
At such abandoned ways,
But they're too busy seducing bees
To bother. The daylilies watch
The sun, burn out their sight,
And drop at night--but come the day
Another set of blooms are open.
(They never learn.)
Next year I'll be better,
I'll cage the vines, or tie them up,
And weed more often, and not forget
To pray for rain (or handle it myself).
But today? today I'll lie in the grass
And watch the sun until it sets, and then
I'll gather up
A bunch of herbs,
Two ripe tomatoes, yellow and red,
And a rose for my table,
And dine well.

Tags: writing

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