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My Weekend

Lots of culinary activity...

Saturday: Another harvest of lemon balm. Started a new batch of "balmary" cordial (lemon balm and rosemary and brandy) and made second try at lemon balm bread (a tea bread, like banana nut), this time with pistachios. "Pasta with Sausages in Creamy Ajvar Sauce" for dinner, only this used a hot ajvar, no harissa, and full cream. Also, two pounds of sausage instead of one, which is a more reasonable and generous amount. After dinner, I made a plum pie (using some more of the prune plums) that was flavored with port.

Sunday: Bacon baklava! Also, testing the frozen prune plum tortes by bringing a thawed (well, thawing) one to gaming. It was still very good. Dinner was a chicken & apricot tagine from the North African Cooking book (by Tess Mallos) and a side dish of sauteed zucchini and summer squash with some onion, garlic, oil-cured black olives, and preserved lemon.

The bacon baklava needed bourbon. Having none in stock, I didn't see any reason not to try a good one. Knob Creek bourbon is very, very good. I normally drink single-malt scotch and it fits right in there as a sipping drink, though a few ice cubes are nice (it's 100 proof).

On the literary instead of culinary side of things, I finished The Time Traveler's Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger, which I'd gotten for my birthday. I thought it well written, the tone excellent, great bits of humor, the setting well made, the situations very believable. But the characters, overall, seem too "good". All faults are explained or mitigated or deeply apologized for and generously forgiven. I have no idea what the movie will be like.