Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Weekend Plans

Boring necessary plans:
- grocery shopping
- get car inspected
- clear some piles of stuff
- take stuff to Salvation Army
- backup computer files to external drive

More interesting plans:
- grocery shopping
- try tagine recipes (yes, I has tagine ^_^ )
- try other N. African recipes (got new cookbook too!)
- new batches of cordials
- recipes using lemon balm, other than cordial
- GURPS game
- get/install/have them install more RAM in home computer
- get/install/have them install new DVD/CD drive

"Finishing what I've started" plans:
- two sketches
- update cordials recipe page
- more pattern darning
- photograph pill boxes
- finish/photograph steampunk watch necklace
- finish at least one more necklace since I'll have the materials out
We'll see how much is actually accomplished.  :-P

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