Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Weekend Update

We have moved my daughter and entirely too much of her stuff into her dorm at college, attended the convocation/welcome, and bid her a fond (and funded) farewell.

The University of New Haven is really pushing to become a player in the non-Ivy League, with lots of new programs, new buildings, expanded study abroad program, million-dollar "smart classrooms", new sports fields and general recreation facilities, etc.  I also like their sense of style.  They hired Catherine Conant to give the keynote address because this time they thought, hey, wouldn't it be cool to have a professional storyteller instead of yet another academician.  And there was a "pinning ceremony" with each student getting a "class of 2012" pin... "which you need to have with you at graduation, or we won't give you the diploma." 

Tonight my husband and son and I went to a movie theatre near the hotel to see "Tropic Thunder."  It rocks.  It's awesomely funny.   The soundtrack is going to be the most bizarre disc around and I want it NOW.

Tomorrow I go home by way of Tissa's Market in Old Saybrook, where I will get a real tangine.  
Tags: family

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