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I Am Not A Card-Carrying Liberal

I'm not a card-carrying liberal.  Which is a shame, I really should remedy that, and soon!

I just sent back a survey that was sent to me by the Massachusetts chapter of the National Republican Congressional Committee, in which I disagreed with almost all of their policies, no matter how inflammatory the phrasing. ("Do I support the Democrats' intent to destroy jobs, raise taxes, weaken our troops, appease foreign powers?"  Compared to Republican policies, why, yes.  "Do I support giving our law enforcement agencies the proper tools to fight terrorists, to prevent acts of horrible violence, and to stop illegal immigrants from pouring into our country?"  Given what you guys seem to think is "proper", hell, no!)

It was a prepaid envelope, too.  :-)  And I used my "Support Our Troops - USO.org" and "Proud Supporter - Paralyzed Veterans of America" and "USA Beijing 08" Olympic stickers, which are all "real" in that I've sent money to each of those organizations.   But no way am I supporting the National Republican Committee.
Update: Done. Joined the ACLU.