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Too Hot

It's over 90 degrees with about 50% humidity outside, which makes it too hot and gross to go to the grocery store in my car with its nonfunctional airconditioning.  I did plant the rest of the daylilies, and watered the tomato plants.  Go me.  And the prickly vine by the telephone pole turns out to be blackberries!   Unexpected win!  (Okay, only ten berries this time but wait till next year!)

Anyhow, no grocery run means I'm limited to what we have left in the pantry, refrigerator, freezer.   So for supper I can do hot dogs in crescent rolls, or I can do salmon patties in puff pastry with tarragon-butter-wine-cream sauce and cucumbers in sour cream as a side dish.   Decisions, decisions...  :-)