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Well Traveled

Been busy, and this is what's been going on... 

Saturday was SCA, the Great NorthEastern War, up in Hebron, Maine. I day-tripped with a bag full of desserts for the class I was giving at 1 pm on "simple fancy desserts" and their presentation. Said class went very well and people enjoyed the samples. Later I stopped by the Athena's Thimble panel and got another bead, this one for competancy in lacis, and a "working knowledge" ranking in counted work for the pattern-darning cloth that -still- isn't finished. Must finish it soon. Like, before next year's panel.

Wonderful also just hanging around the Carolingian encampment, talking to people and feeding them leftover desserts, before the drive back home.  The drive back home being the reason I didn't enter the cordials competition this year since entrants are supposed to spend the afternoon getting drunk drinking discussing and judging the entries.

Sunday was spent going into work for a few hours since I wouldn't be there Monday or Tuesday and some things needed to get done.

Monday and Tuesday were off in the other direction, to southern Connecticut and the University of New Haven's student (and parent) summer orientation program. My daughter got to stay in a dorm, and I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Branford. Very nice place, especially for the price. Near to 95 but in a quiet area, has large rooms, has indoor pool and free wireless and free hot breakfast, is next door to an Italian pizzeria, across the street from a Japanese restaurant, and down the road from a 24-hour Greek/Italian diner. Walking distance to Walgreen's and a Regal Cinema. I think we'll be staying there again when we need to be down for college activities.

Which of those restaurants did I eat at? None. At dinner time I was in West Haven and instead tried a Turkish restaurant called Saray, review to follow when I find their menu. Tuesday morning, I skipped a few sessions to travel north on 95 to Old Saybrook to visit Tissa's Market and Cafe, which specializes in Moroccan imports, and picked up some Ras el Hanout, preserved lemons (yes, I have recipes, but I wanted to see what the result was supposed to taste like?) , some red pepper spread, and a few other things. I'd wanted a double mini-tagine condiment dish as shown on their website, but they were out of those and only had the singletons. Apparently they sometimes have a triple one, so I'll check again. I wavered over a real tagine instead but... another time. 



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Jul. 17th, 2008 06:33 pm (UTC)
Busy, busy! Sounds like fun. Is getting a bead a type of official award or recognition?
Jul. 17th, 2008 07:25 pm (UTC)
The Keepers of Athena's Thimble is (are?) the East Kingdom embroiderers guild. It has rankings in 12 forms of needlework and if you're at least "competant" you get a pretty little bead, and it's a different bead for each form. I have 3 beads, trying for all 12, but panels aren't every event and most have been hard to get to. But yes, fun!
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