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Lo Pasado

Lo Pasado

He drank the wine of desperation.
Emptied the bottle.  
Threw up.
Tap.  Tap.  
Through the filth the beast came,
A thousand thousand eyes upon it.
Tap.  Tap.
It didn't hurt.
He told himself that made it right.

He polishes the marbles every morning.
He is obsessive about grit.
On the beast,
A thousand thousand miles away,
His eyes weep.

Boring background bits: 
The "beast" is an image from a long ago RP.  The title started out as "summoning", changed to "incantado", was double-checked against "encantado" (Sp: "pleased, charmed") which was found in a word-a-day list next to "lo pasado" = "that which happened".

Example: Lo pasado ya pasó y no podemos cambiar nada.
Translation: What happened happened and we can't change anything.