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Has No Hanna

Yes, I've been sucked into the dark maelstrom of BPAL (aka "Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab", makers of extrordinary perfumes with even more extrordinary descriptions) and another batch of imps arrived today. For the non-conversant, an "imp" is what's sold as "imps ears" = tester samples. You may also see the term "frimp" which is a "free imp", apparently often included with one's order. So far I've only bought from eBay recyclers. Literally a cycle. They all insist the money will be going into another BPAL order as soon as enough is accumulated.

Anyhow, this one is supposed to "Brings a rush of good luck, lifts the spirit, and helps alleviate depression."

Exactly what I need! So, naturally, on first try, it gave me a headache. Note that there's no list of ingredients. This is a Voodoo oil from the Conjure Bag of Bewitching Brews, you're supposed to take it on faith, hmmm? The reviews at www.bpal.org guess at what might be there, but none mention my apparent banes of vetiver, benzoin, opiums. Not even the borderline problems of musks and sandalwoods. (Can you tell I have difficulty finding perfumes to wear? :-) )

Several of the reviews mentioned how strong it was. I washed it off and applied it a little more sparingly. Not much of a headache. It's still very floral with an underlying spiciness. Reviewers say jasmine and ylang-ylang, but although I'm okay at combining flavors and scents in my mind, I'm really bad at pulling them apart so I won't say which, but I can catch a whiff of the banana scent that others have noted. As time passes, the headachey effect lessens even more. Okay, in case it does bring good luck, I can wear this, if I keep to very small quantities. Maybe I'll apply it to my ankles instead of my wrists and inner elbows.