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Busy, Too

I didn't make another attempt at the railing last night.  Instead I spent 2 hours downloading and installing Service Pack 3 for XP and the rest of the current updates.  Fun.

The railing, btw, is not a standard banister.  It's a tree.   Okay, it's a not a -tree- but it's a skinny length of branch or tree trunk of some varnished hardwood, and I do mean hard-wood, it's nearly impossible to put in screws by hand.  It's also not exactly straight.  I found out in the first attempt that if you don't have it in the right orientation, the center is too far away from the wall to attach a bracket.


1) started washing the back of the house and found out the sprayer had died
2) planted 6 of the 9 plants that came yesterday from Wayside Gardens
3) fertilized and watered those and the tomato plants
4) looked for the cordless drill/driver I know we have, looked in many many many places
5) gave up looking and starting clearing up piles of stuff instead; cleared several
6) got tired of going through piles of stuff and went out and bought new sprayer and new cordless drill
7) started cordless drill charging
8) washed back of house using new sprayer
9) ordered out for Chinese food
10) set up railing again and, yes, drilling pilot holes for the screws made everything much easier, and railing is now up, yay!
11) contemplated working on ceiling patches and wimped out

Husband did great stuff clearing and cleaning basement and some of the upstairs.  Son used new sprayer to wash side porch ,and also cleared up his room.  Daughter put together the standing fans and cleared up (some) of her room.   Things progress in positive directions.