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The problem with zombies taking over the world is that you can't be sure it will last. I mean, yes, there's all the screaming and crying and shouting outside right now, but what about tomorrow? Those stupid security panels requiring a badge to open the doors turn out not to be a bad idea after all. Nobody inside is dying, because zombies are just too uncoordinated to get the badges out of their pockets. It's kinda funny to watch them trying, though. A little embarrassing, too, when the whole side of their pants rips off. I mean, we might have guessed the CFO was a boxer type, but... with skulls? I'd heard he was trying to stop smoking. Oh well, guess it doesn't matter now.

Anyhow, the problem is that we all know how these movies end. Either someone out there discovers something to stop the zombies, or else we all die. If the latter, it doesn't matter what I do, but with my luck it'll be the former and let me tell you, the excuse that "I couldn't get the code finished because I was distracted by zombies" isn't going to get you far around here. Back to work.