Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Passing Fantasy

Passing Fantasy

It’s too early in the morning for this
Except that’s why it’s like this, nose to tail
Winding our way to watering holes, prime grazing spots,
Four lanes wide, none faster than the others.
Left lane gets a guardrail and I count the dents, the hubcaps,
Shed skins of tires, and a pile of meat
Too mangled to identify. It’s worse when whole,
Looking asleep and you know it’s not.
It wouldn’t be hard to leave. Step out into the tall grass,
Live on the median, scavenger of fast food bags
Thrown out by minivans and SUVs, cold fries and burger rinds
And latte flavoured ice cubes.
A hubcap on a stick would keep off rain,
With a blown-away tarp to wrap my nakedness,
And for entertainment, wave at the windows, throw pebbles,
And laugh at startled faces before the herd moves on. 
Tags: writing

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