Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Imagination vs. Ability

I wish I were a better artist.  I'm trying to get better, but there's still pictures I see in my head that I know I can't  create.  There's one there now...

The crossed branches of a thicket.  The branches are a smooth silvery-gold-gray (poplar? ash?  feh) but with jagged ends, as if something broke through once.  Dark green, nearly-black, leaves, or just in bud?  Can't decide.  But behind all the branches you can barely make out the figure of a woman in a formal gown (kimono?) of deep rich sapphire blue with gold (and cream? and salmon?) brocade.  Except if you look closely enough, it's not a complete figure, just tatters of fabric, of the gown, hanging on the broken branches, making the illusion of the woman's presence.

I don't know how to draw well enough for that, not yet.  And there must be a story that goes along with the picture, of course, but I don't know that part well enough, either.

The last set of photos from the trip are up at dA:

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