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I've been retired.  Hmm... "re-tired."   My car had a flat on the way to work this morning but AAA sent someone in reasonably good time and they popped the (full-size) spare on, so I'm good to go for a bit longer.   But I was already told at a check-up that I need all new tires so that now moves to the top of the "spending money we don't really have" queue.

While waiting for the service truck, I played the "hit shuffle five times and see what song pops up" game on my zen stone.  It was Switchblade Symphony's "Fear" with the "can you hear me now?" chorus!   Um, yes, thank you, the cell phone worked fine to call AAA, but my service is AT&T Mobility and not Verizon.  :-) 

Twelve more San Francisco photos up at dA: http://cimeara.deviantart.com/