September 19th, 2012


Surprise Gifts

"A couple of gulls rise from the base of the cliffs to a height of about a hundred feet above them. They turn their heads to the south-west, and hover like hawks, but without any visible movement of their wings. They are followed by two more, who also poise themselves in the same way. Presently all four mount higher, and again face the tempest. They do not appear to defy it, nor even to exert themselves in resisting it. What to us below is fierce opposition is to them a support and delight. How these wonderful birds are able to accomplish this feat no mathematician can tell us. After remaining stationary a few minutes, they wheel round, once more ascend, and then without any effort go off to sea directly in the teeth of the hurricane. A November day at the end of the month--the country is left to those who live in it. The scattered visitors who took lodgings in the summer in the villages have all departed, and the recollection that they have been here makes the solitude more complete."

There was also a passage about a child's panorama with colored tissue-paper windows, and one about the Great Salt Lake, and another about Spinoza.  Completely unexpectedly wonderful texts, when the subject of the email was "UPS delivery problem # Error ID8102"! 

(it's okay, the email reader is set to convert everything to plain text so bad/hidden inclusions usually can't go through and it's safe to see what the main text says)

Oh, and "arrr, matey, it be 'bout sea gulls!"