March 6th, 2011

subtle, subdued

On-Going Live

The big project go-live continued to have problems, but we continued to fix them and by Friday afternoon it was pretty quiet, and it's stayed quiet over the weekend. Yay!

Otherwise, time spent productively in trying more basketry techniques and not as productively in watching movies. "Burlesque" is a great movie to twine baskets by. Great songs, totally formulaic plot and some rather dull acting, so you don't miss much if you watch your hands instead. But whatever else is true about Aguilera, it's pretty amazing whenever such a powerful voice comes out of that frame, and it was emphasized in this movie where most of the time she looks like a very normal person. I also love watching Stanley Tucci, and that's where the basketry was a detriment. I didn't notice the credits and it actually took me a while to figure out that the guy playing exactly the same role as Nigel in "The Devil Wears Prada" -was- the same guy. But Cher is no Meryl Streep, and I'm not sure if even Streep could have done much with the script.

Also, saw "127 Hours" which, no, doesn't feel at all like it takes 127 hours to sit through, which is the first fear about a movie supposedly entirely about a guy stuck in a canyon. (Running time is 1 hour, 33 minutes. ;-)) It's a very full and active movie, beautifully written and paced. A schlock version, a made-for-TV version, would have kept cutting to other people's lives, to whether people had noticed he was missing, to what search efforts were underway. We don't see any of that. All the cut-aways are to what's happening in his head, to memories and hallucinations. There's a long sequence at the beginning of his antics with some other hikers he met that morning and most of that didn't really happen, but it's a good contrast to what did happen later. And, yeah, there's about 5 minutes near the end that you don't want to watch if you're at all squeamish. They say people have fainted over it, and I can believe it. So walk out of the room and then come back, because the movie is very worth seeing regardless.