December 22nd, 2010

Degas, exercise

Nearly Done

Too busy this time of year. Packages were mailed two days later than I'd wanted, because (1) I kept looking for some items that I knew I'd bought but couldn't find, and (2) some things that were supposed to be delivered on Saturday didn't make it here till Monday, and so of course while I was at work, and so I couldn't get them in the box and mailed that day either. But now they're off and maybe still in time (the danger of having Christmas on the weekend: "oh there's still another whole... THIS week?").

Sunday, we saw another Cirque du Soleil show, which I won't call "yet another" because they're each uniquely wonderful. This one was "Dralion" (dragon-lion, East and West, though most of the visuals were split by elements, and western elements at that). The music was stronger than "Ovo" even if not quite as strong as "Alegria". In "Alegria" the music and the general visuals were what blew me away. In "Ovo", it was specifically the costuming as well as the plot-acting (the script, not so much) and certain performances. In "Dralion", it was just overall very strong, a very well-balanced production. I can't believe we waited so many years to see any Cirque shows. Now I need a fix at least once a year and I'm itching to get to Vegas and overdose on all the resident shows there.

Monday night was clouded into Tuesday, so no hope of seeing the lunar eclipse. (There's a great video of it here: ) We'd missed the meteor shower the previous week, too. I swear the local weather gods here get jealous if one tries to look beyond them. Tuesday, the son came home from college, and since the daughter and houseguest were already here, it's now a full house again and hard to find time and space to get anything else done, but it must get done and it will get done and it must be whether I will or no.