October 13th, 2010



So October 5th was my son's 22nd birthday, but it being a Tuesday and in the middle of college & work weeks for him and us respectively, we didn't celebrate it till last Sunday, the which was also our anniversary, but very convenient because my daughter was able to come back from her college for the long weekend though not till Saturday and not till late in the afternoon because she was helping proctor an English-as-a second-language exam for which she was being paid actual money so of course she couldn't skip it, but it all worked well because I was taking some wonderful workshops at the Fuller Craft Museum in "Working with Wire" and "Working with Hardware Cloth" (I'll say more about these in another post) over the weekend that ran from 10 till 4 and so after the Saturday class I went on down 95 to get her and bring her back and on Sunday I was back home in time to cook the lamb roast for my son's birthday dinner and we still had all day Monday to relax, at least until I needed to drive my son back to his college and I'd taken off Tuesday as well in case I needed to drive my daughter back (she had Tuesday off as well as Monday) but my husband took her back instead and so I stayed home and made apple chutney all afternoon except for the interruption by someone knocking at the kitchen door, and it turned out to be someone who'd lived in the house prior to the people we'd bought it from and I gave her a tour and now we can't blame the previous owners for the badly-framed, gaping holed, totally uninsulated half-round log-cabin "paneling" in the living room because she immediately exclaimed "Oh you still have that! My father did that! You know he and his brother built most of this house on weekends? It was just this little shack when he first bought it" and so on, and I learned much, much more about the history of the house, which was very cool.

And that was my long weekend.