May 31st, 2010


Sirloin and Spinach Linguine with Blue Cheese

Last day of May, Memorial Day, and I should say something profound but there's been too much of that.

The WeightWatchers program started April 27th. It's been nearly five weeks and I've lost about six pounds. Sure, it's slow, but consider the month: three memorial gatherings, two family birthdays, one retirement party, and lots of running back and forth across Connecticut and eastern Massachusetts (which nearly always involved fast food or a real restaurant dinner). It's not been a good month for sensible eating. And yet six pounds gone and if (ha! big "if") I could lose six pounds each month for a year, that would be enough. For me, if not for my doctor.

My recipes are getting lightened, better choices but still geared toward strong tastes. Last night's:

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